If you’re ready to confidently use LIVE VIDEO as a lead magnet to help grow your business...



Does this sound like you? 🤔

You're ready to use Live Video as your high-ticket client magnet.

If so, you don’t want to miss this Get Clients with Live Video challenge.

I’m hosting my Get Clients with Live Video 3-Day Challenge to teach you my step-by-step approach to creating engaging live videos that you can use to sell your high-end services and make bank.

During this 3 day action-packed challenge you will learn:

  • Techniques that I use to feel relaxed and confident on camera- no more dry mouth, sweaty palms and anxiety. Get confident whether it’s your first live video or 20th-time Livestream.
  • How to use Live Video on any platform to stand out from the crowd and position yourself as the go-to person even if you’re just starting out.
  • The power of live video and how it takes your visibility to the next level so that you don’t have to keep spending time in FB groups all day.
  • How to show up confindelty and use Live Video to get in front of more of your ideal clients, generate more leads,  and sales conversations.
  • The step-by-step framework to planning and creating binge-worthy client converting content so that you know exactly what to say to your audience.

We begin in: 


Your Challenge Host

Hey Girl Hey,   

I’m Alicia, Biz Strategist and your Livestream and Video Coach.

Back in 2015, after founding and growing a successful Medical Billing company, I decided it was time to share my expertise and help women grow businesses of their own.

In June of 2016 it was clear that this was my calling and I  sold my medical billing company and focus all of my attention on support other women in building their businesses..

During this transition I knew I had to get in front of my audience quickly and what better way to do it then video. I tried Periscope but something was off about it for me. I just didn’t like the platform nor the limited options for optimizing and monetizing videos.

When FB Live came out on our fan pages I immediately saw the potential and started going LIVE on my Page and in my FB Group. I wanted to get my message out there to the right people so I started by talking about what my audience wanted. I went live daily, documenting what worked and what didn’t.

From this, I created a system to help anyone become confident on camera, build expert status and credibility, and create a stream of clients for any business from a FB LIVE audience..  I created, Empirenista Tv™, my weekly show where I talk provide tips, trainings and discussion on the topics my audience wants to have answered.

Since the Fall of 2015 I’ve done over 400+ Facebook Livestreams and I've done them all with kids at home (yes, mama you can do them too with kids).

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